About Us

We seek to make social changes through art and culture, with cinema as the main tool for such transformation. Our projects encourage respect for human rights, promote tolerance and coexistence among people for the development of Guatemalan society.

Our Goal

To create positive impact and social change across all sectors of society, in particular, disfranchaised and historically invisibilized communities. We believe that by using film and media resources as educational tools we can generate critical thinking, promote professional development in this art, and put Guatemala in the world's cultural map.

Our Vision

In the next ten years, Ixcanul Foundation expects to collaborate with grassroots partners across Central America by addressing, through content quality cinema and media, and locally produced narratives, relevant issues to local and regional population, such as poverty and inequality, racism, environmental conflicts, sustainable economic opportunites, etc.

Our Team


Contact us to contribute to our mission through donations or participating in our activities.